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Infosec, Crypto, Privacy, Futurism

Hello, my name is Dean Pierce. I'm a security researcher from Portland, Oregon with a special focus on offensive technologies. I have a core belief that proliferation of increasingly advanced technologies is required for the long term survival of humanity. A key decelerator of these technologies is the very real and legitimate fear people have due to reckless security practices in the tech industry that leave people open to rampant crime.

How does this crime happen? How will crime happen in the future? What can we do now to ensure that people are empowered by these emerging technologies without the mental burden of lingering fear? These are the key issues I seek to address in all the work I do.

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If you know me, I prefer comms over Signal (pierce.403). If not, DMs on any of the socials above might work. Also sometimes I respond on Telegram and Discord where I'm at @deanpierce.

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